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"My daughter had her expansion and phase 1 braces done here. They were so great and always helpful whenever we had a question. I was super surprised how little irritation she had. When I had braces 15 years ago, I had so many cuts, poking wires, general discomfort. My daughter didn’t experience any of that! I highly recommend this office for any person who needs orthodontic help!"

-Jessica U.

"This is the best orthodontist office in Missoula! The staff are all very helpful and kind. Dr. Dennehy is a wonderful orthodontist and makes sure to give you the best treatment possible. They rarely ever make mistakes, and the one time they did for me, they immediately corrected it and were extremely diligent and took ownership with kindness and empathy. I recommend this office to anyone looking for a beyond amazing orthodontist and staff. Thank you Dennehy and Jerde Orthodonitics!"

-Liudmila K.

"Dr Dennehy and his staff, especially Cindy, have been such a huge help with our very complicated daughter’s smile! They are friendly and encouraging always.  Dr. Dennehy has put a ton of energy helping us to make the best decisions throughout the braces process.  Thank you for everything, we’d highly recommend."

-Terri K.

"Would highly recommend Dennehy Orthodontics! I had pretty severe crowding and was so self conscious about my smile. Fast forward to now almost three years later and my teeth and smile are beautiful. I am so happy I went through the process. And even after I was finished with braces they took quality time to make sure I was happy with my retainer. I had a pretty long road of getting the smile I wanted, even had to have 4 teeth removed to make room in my mouth. Dr. Dennehy always took time to listen to my concerns and kept me involved with the process."

-Amanda E.

521 SW Higgins Ave
Missoula, MT 59803